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List of Russian films of 2014


List of Russian films of 2014


This is a list of Russian 2014 films.

Title Russian title Director Cast Genre Notes
Viy[1] Вий Oleg Stepchenko Aleksey Chadov, Valery Zolotukhin, Anna Churina, Charles Dance, Agniya Ditkovskite, Jason Flemyng Dark fantasy Based on the book of the same name by Nikolai Gogol.
The Hope Factory[2] Kombinat "Nadezhda Natalia Meschaninov Daria Savelieva, Sergei Ovchinikov, Polina Shanina, Stepan Devonin, Daniil Steklov
8 Восьмёрка Alexei Uchitel - Action the story of close friends and members in the OMON unit of the Russian police
22 Minutes 22 минуты Vasily Serikov Denis Nikiforov, Viktor Sukhorukov action drama based on true events
Territory Территория Alexander Melnik Konstantin Lavronenko, Grigory Dobrygin History, adventure
Hardcore [3] Timur Bekmambetov Danila Kozlovsky, Sharlto Copley Science Fiction, Adventure
Dubrovskiy Дубровский Alexander Vartanov, Kyrill Mikhanovskiy Claudia Korshunova, Danila Kozlovsky Romantic Drama
The 18th Possession Владение 18 Svyatoslav Podgayevsky Dmitry Yendaltsev, Maria Fomina, Boris Polunin, Yuri Filatov, Sergey Holmogorov Horror, Thriller
Yeren-San Иерей-Сан Egor Baranov Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Ivan Okhlobystin, Peter Mamonov Western, Adventure
Sunstroke Солнечный удар Nikita Mikhalkov Martynsh Kalita, Victoria Solovieva History, Romantic Drama
Fort Ross Форт-Росс Yuri Moroz Maxim Matveyev, Anna Starshenbaum, Ramón Langa, Dmitry Kharatyan Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Shaggy Yolki Ёлки лохматые Maxim Sveshnikov, Timur Bekmambetov Andrey Merzlikin Comedy
Yolki 1914 Ёлки 1914 Timur Bekmambetov Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov, Arthur Smolyaninov, Alexander Domogarov, Alexander Golovin History, Comedy


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