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List of highways in South Australia

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Title: List of highways in South Australia  
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Subject: Southern Ports Highway, Barrier Highway, Sturt Highway, Highways in Australia, South Australia
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List of highways in South Australia

South Australia
General highways map of South Australia
Highways of south eastern South Australia

South Australia is distinctly divided into two main areas; the well watered and populated southeastern corner and the arid outback for the rest of the state. As a result, highways are concentrated mainly in the southeast. The Eyre Highway to Perth and Stuart Highway to Darwin are the only significant highways for the remaining part of the state. The remaining roads are outback tracks. This is the list of highways in South Australia.


  • Road numbering 1
  • Expressways 2
  • National highways 3
    • Metropolitan 3.1
    • Rural 3.2
  • State highways 4
    • Metropolitan 4.1
    • Rural 4.2
  • Major arterial roads 5
  • Outback tracks 6
  • See also 7
  • References 8

Road numbering

Since 1955 South Australia had major rural roads numbered as part of national routes and Highways. In 1998/1999 South Australia introduced "Trailblazers" with A, B and M route numbers in the Metropolitan area and tourist areas of Victor Harbour and the Barossa Valley.[1][2] This system was extended to cover country areas starting in 1999/2000.[3]

These route numbers are used on signs and maps and distinct from the four digit numbers for major roads and eight digit numbers for streets used internally by the Highways Department and later Departments of Transport to identify each road.


South Australian expressway
A9 Port River Expressway

In South Australia, expressway may refer to a controlled access highway with no at-grade intersections or a limited access road of slightly lower standard with at-grade intersections at some locations. Currently there are three constructed expressways in Adelaide:

A fourth, the Northern Connector is planned, however this will simply be an extension of the Northern Expressway.

National highways



State highways



Major arterial roads

Outback tracks

Although not highways as such, unsealed outback tracks form important links to remote communities and areas, the significant ones include;

See also


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