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1650s In Piracy

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Title: 1650s In Piracy  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 1650s, 1620s in piracy, Captain Sabertooth, Eli Boggs, Salvador Pirates
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1650s In Piracy

See also: list of 'years of Piracy'.



  • March 26 - the Parliament of England passes an act for the redemption of captives taken by Turkish, Moorish and other pirates.
  • April 1 - After being sighted off the Yorkshire coast by a local fisherman, Royalist privateer Captain Joseph Constant and his 30-man Dutch crew are surprised by an attack party led by Robert Colman and Captain Thomas Lassells and captured after a brief skirmish.[5]



Brethren of the Coast is invited to use Port Royal as a base by Governor Edward D'Oley. This was done so that the Brethren would defend Port Royal.[7]



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