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Admiral Grigorovich class frigate

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Title: Admiral Grigorovich class frigate  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Russian Navy, Future of the Russian Navy, Ivan Gren-class landing ship, Project 1178, Yury Ivanov-class intelligence ship
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Admiral Grigorovich class frigate

Admiral Grigorovich
Admiral Grigorovich
Class overview
Name: Admiral Grigorovich class
Builders: Yantar Shipyard
Operators:  Russian Navy
Preceded by: Burevestnik class
Building: 5
Planned: 6
General characteristics
Class & type: Project 11356
Type: Frigate
  • Standard: 3,850 tons [1]
  • Full: 4,035 tons
Length: 124.8 m (409 ft)
Beam: 15.2 m (50 ft)
Draught: 4.2 m (14 ft)
  • 2 shaft COGAG;[2]
  • 2 DS-71 cruise gas turbines 9,850 shp (7,350 kW);
  • 2 DT-59 boost gas turbines 22,185 shp (16,543 kW) ;
  • Total: 32,035 shp (23,888 kW)
Speed: 32 kn (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Range: 4,500 nmi (8,300 km; 5,200 mi) at 18 kn (33 km/h; 21 mph)
Endurance: 30 days
Complement: 220
Crew: 190
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Air search radar: Fregat M2EM
  • Surface search radar: 3Ts-25E Garpun-B, MR-212/201-1, Nucleus-2 6000A
  • Fire control radar: JSC 5P-10E Puma FCS, 3R14N-11356 FCS, MR-90 Orekh SAM FCS
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
  • EW Suite: TK-25E-5;
  • Countermeasures:
  • 4 × KT-216
Aircraft carried: 1 Ka-28, Ka-31 helicopter

The Admiral Grigorovich class (Фрегаты проекта 11356Р/М) is the latest class of frigates ordered by the Russian Navy for the Black Sea Fleet. Six ships (two batches of three ships)[4] have been ordered so far to be built by the "Yantar" shipyard in Kaliningrad. The frigates are based on the Talwar-class frigate, six of which were ordered by the Indian Navy and were built at the same shipyard. The Talwar class is in turn based on the Burevestnik-class frigates. The contract for the construction of three frigates is to be completed in four years. The lead ship, Admiral Grigorovich was laid down on 18 December 2010 and was expected to be in service 34 months from that date (October 2013).[5]


Name Builder Laid down Launched Commissioned Fleet Condition Notes
Admiral Grigorovich Yantar, Kaliningrad 18 Dec 2010 March 14, 2014[6] 2015 [4] Black Sea Fitting
Admiral Essen Yantar, Kaliningrad 8 July 2011[7][8] November 7, 2014[9] 2015 Black Sea Fitting
Admiral Makarov [10][11][12] Yantar, Kaliningrad 29 Feb 2012[13][14] 2 September 2015[15] 2016 [4] Black Sea Under construction
Admiral Butakov Yantar, Kaliningrad 13 July 2013 [16] 2017-18[4] Black Sea Under construction Second batch of three ships will feature a different power-plant because of the Ukrainian crisis
Admiral Istomin Yantar, Kaliningrad 15 November 2013 [17] 2017-18[4] Black Sea Under construction
Admiral Kornilov Yantar, Kaliningrad 2017-18[4] Black Sea Planned

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