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Americans for Democratic Action

Americans for Democratic Action
Formation 1947
Headquarters Washington D.C.
65,000 members
Lynn Woolsey

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) is an progressive policies. ADA works for social and economic justice through lobbying, grassroots organizing, research and supporting progressive candidates.


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The ADA grew out of a predecessor group, the

  • Americans for Democratic Action

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ADA ranks legislators, identifies key policy issues, and tracks how members of Congress vote on these issues. The annual ADA Voting Record gives each member a Liberal Quotient (LQ) rating from 0, meaning complete disagreement with ADA policies, to 100, meaning complete agreement with ADA policies. A score of 0 is considered conservative and a score 100 is considered liberal. The LQ is obtained by evaluating an elected official's votes on 20 key foreign and domestic social and economic issues chosen by the ADA's Legislative Committee. Each vote given a score of either 5 or 0 points, depending on whether the individual voted with or against the ADA's position, respectively. Absent voters are also given a score of 0 for the vote.[10]

Voting records

Founding members included:

[9][8][4] The ADA was formed on January 4, 1947, and the UDA shuttered.[8][7] James Isaac Loeb (later an

[6] Though strongly anti-communist, unlike other contemporary liberal groups like the Progressive Citizens of America, who supported cooperation with the

[5][4][3] members of Congress in 1946, but this effort was an overwhelming failure.Democratic It undertook a major effort to support left-wing [3][2] as well.communist foreign policy and a pro-union, liberal domestic policy. It was strongly anti-internationalist, interventionist It supported a strongly [2][1]

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