Bearforce 1

Bearforce 1
Origin Netherlands
Genres Pop, Dance
Years active 2006-2009
Labels C+R Records
Members Robert Brown (2006-2009)
Yuri (2006-2009)
Ian Turnel (2006-2008)
Peter Johansson (2006-2008)
Konstantinos Zouganelis (2008-2009)
Peter Gerrist (2008-2009)
Eddi (2007-2008)[1]

Bearforce 1 was a gay dance music band from the Netherlands, known mainly for a YouTube hit video, "Bearforce 1." Founded in 2006 and promoting an image as bears (that is, hairy gay men),[2] they released three singles accompanied by YouTube videos, they invited comparisons to the Village People[3] and scored hits in the Netherlands before breaking up in 2009.


Bearforce 1 was founded by three Dutchmen (Ian Turnel, Peter Johansson, and Yuri) and an Irishman (Robert Brown),[1] led by actor and producer Roeland Fernhout.[4] Their eponymous single "Bearforce 1," a medley of dance songs accompanied by a video clip in which the four bears dance and lip-sync, was a YouTube phenomenon[1][5] and ended as #20 on LOGO TV's Ultimate Queer Videos Countdown.[6] Praise by Perez Hilton[1] led to a tour in the United States[1][4] and attention in the US media--The Washington Post wrote of the band, "Finally, there's a boy band for older, hairy gay men."[7]

They released a second single, "Christmas is here," in 2007, also accompanied by a popular YouTube video (shot in the snow in Austria, in which the four men danced in red boxers, tank tops, ski outfits, and Santa Claus suits),[8] The song entered the Single Top 100 at #7.[9] In December 2007 they played a series of concerts in Ahoy Rotterdam with Gerard Joling,[10] and in 2008 they played at the first same-sex marriage ceremony to take place at the Tilburg Pink Monday fair.[11] A third single, "Shake That Thing," was again praised by Perez Hilton.[12]

The same year, Johansson was replaced by Peter Gerrist. On Saturday 3 January 2009, Andrew Lloyd Webber and record company executive Colin Barlow dismissed an attempt by Bearforce 1 to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on BBC1's Your Country Needs You as "hopeless". The band broke up in late 2009.[13]



  • 2007: "Bearforce 1"
  • 2007: "Christmas Is Here" (reached #28 in Dutch Singles Chart)
  • 2008: "Shake That Thing"


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