Cruel Jaws

Cruel Jaws
Directed by Bruno Mattei
Story by Robert Feen
Bruno Mattei
Linda Morrison
Starring David Luther
George Barnes, Jr.
Scott Silveria
Kirsten Urso
Richard Dew
Sky Palma
Music by Michael Morahan
Cinematography Luigi Ciccarese
Ben Jackson
Distributed by VPS Video
Beam Entertainment
Release date(s)
Running time 93 minutes (Italy)
96 minutes (Japan)
Country Italy
United States
Language English

Cruel Jaws, also known as The Beast and Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws, is a 1995 mockbuster, based on the 1975 classic Jaws and its sequels. The film stars Richard Dew and was directed by infamous Italian filmmaker Bruno Mattei (under the name of William Snyder). The movie utilizes footage from the Jaws series, Deep Blood, and The Last Shark. While marketed in many areas as Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws, it is actually not part of the Jaws franchise.


The coastal town of Hampton Bay is threatened when a 35-Foot Tiger Shark starts chomping up their vacationers. Days before the annual Regatta celebration, the townspeople are faced with financial ruin if something isn't done about their newfound Shark problem. If that wasn't enough, the owners of the local amusement park have been subject to a hostile takeover from a prospective businessman looking to cash in on their prized property. It's up to the Sheriff, the Park's Owner, and a Shark Expert to head out and destroy the Shark before the summer economy is slashed and the park is left for the Bulldozer.


  • Richard Dew as Dag Snerensen
  • David Luther as Francis Berger
  • George Barnes, Jr. as Samuel Lewis
  • Scott Silveria as Bob Snerensen
  • Kirsten Urso as Susy Snerensen
  • Sky Palma as Glenda
  • Norma J. Nesheim as Vanessa
  • Gregg Hood as Bill Morrison
  • Carter Collins as Ronnie Lewis
  • Natasha Etzer as Gloria Lewis
  • Larry Zience as Larry
  • Jay Colligan as Tommy
  • Perry Pirkanen as (unknown character)

Home media

The film was released on DVD in its native Italy in 2009.[1] In 2013, Retro Vision Entertainment announced a limited edition Region 0 DVD release of only 500 copies. It will only be able to be purchased online. [2]

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