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Digimon Adventure Movie

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Title: Digimon Adventure Movie  
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Digimon Adventure Movie

This article is about the anime. For the PlayStation Portable game, see Digimon Adventure (video game).
Digimon Adventure
Logo used in the Japanese version (above) and the English version logo (below)
(Dejimon Adobenchā)
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy-Drama
Anime film
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Written by Reiko Yoshida
Music by Takanori Arisawa
Studio Toei Animation
Released March 6, 1999
Runtime 20 minutes
Anime television series
Directed by Hiroyuki Kakudou
Produced by Keisuke Okuda
Written by Satoru Nishizono
Music by Takanori Arisawa
Studio Toei Animation
Licensed by United States - Saban Entertainment [1]
Network Fuji TV
English network
Original run March 7, 1999 March 26, 2000
Episodes 54 (List of episodes)
Anime film
Our War Game!
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda
Written by Reiko Yoshida
Music by Takanori Arisawa
Studio Toei Animation
Released March 4, 2000
Runtime 40 minutes
Developer Prope
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Genre RPG
Platform PlayStation Portable
  • JP January 17, 2013
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Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー Dejimon Adobenchā?), known in North America as the first season of Digimon: Digital Monsters, is a Japanese anime television series created by Akiyoshi Hongo and produced by Toei Animation in cooperation with Bandai and Fuji Television. It is the first anime installment in the Digimon media franchise, based on the virtual pet of the same name. The series aired in Japan between March 7, 1999 and March 26, 2000. An English-language version produced by Saban Entertainment aired in North America between August 1999 and June 2000. A video game adaptation of the series by Prope was released for PlayStation Portable on January 17, 2013. The series was followed by Digimon Adventure 02, which takes place three years (four years in North America because the different regions wanted to match the characters age to their respective educational-system) after the events of Adventure. It was confirmed by a promo on Nicktoons that Digimon would begin to air on Nicktoons on June 10, 2013 and was later confirmed on their Facebook page.


On August 1, 1999, seven children from Japan are suddenly thrust into a strange dimension called the "Digital World" while they are at summer camp. During their adventure, children Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and T.K., discover that they are in a land where digital creatures called "Digimon" dwell. Befriending seven of the Digimon, the children learn that they have the ability to help their partners digitally evolve (digivolve) into stronger, powerful forms that can combat enemies for a short amount of time. Setting off on their journey, the children start searching for a way home.

Arc 1 (episodes 1-13)

The children later learn that they are the "DigiDestined", chosen children with compatibilities with Digimon, and they are the only hope in destroying the evil that is slowly consuming the Digital World. The culprit eventually reveals himself to be Devimon, who sent Black Gears to brainwash other Digimon into attacking the children to take control of File Island, and breaks up the island scattering the Digidestined across the fragments. As the Digidestined make their way back to the centre of File Island, Devimon has his only loyal servant Ogremon, and the enslaved Leomon target T.K. and Patamon, as the two are the ones prophesised to destroy him. Fortunately, as the Digidestined reunite with the freed Leomon, Patamon digivolves to Angemon for the first time, destroying Devimon at the cost of his own life and is reborn as a Digimon Egg. However, Devimon is only the beginning as a mysterious being contacts them.

Arc 2 (episodes 14-21)

The mysterious being identifies himself as Gennai, asking the DigiDestined to travel to the continent Server to defeat his enemies. The Digidestined also learn from Gennai that they have the ability to help their Digimon digivolve further with the power of Crests and Tags. They discover the Tags with the help of Whamon, who then transports them to Server. However, on their second day on the continent, a powerful new enemy reveals himself. Etemon, who runs his Dark Network across the continent, wishes to destroy the Digidestined, and attempts to prevent them from obtaining the Crests. After several conflicts with Etemon's forces, all the Crests apart from Sora's are found. The Digidestined are then contacted by Datamon, who is being forced to run the Dark Network from inside Etemon's headquarters, an upside down pyramid. The Digidestined infiltrate the pyramid and manage to free Datamon, but he immediately betrays them, kidnapping Sora and Biyomon and evading Etemon. After Izzy manages to determine that Datamon is hiding in a secret room underneath the main pyramid, the Digidestined break in again, rescuing Sora. Datamon planned to copy Sora and use her Crest, which he discovered, to have Biyomon destroy Etemon. However, with that plan foiled, Datamon infects the Dark Network with viruses, to have it absorb Etemon. The attack destroys Datamon, Etemon's remaining forces and his fortress, but Etemon survives, grafted onto the heart of the Network and more powerful than ever. Tai, who has managed to activate his Crest through bravery, helps Agumon digivolve to MetalGreymon, who destroys Etemon and his Dark Network for good. Unfortunately, Etemon's destruction opens a rift that pulls Tai and Metalgreymon into the Real World, where they encouter several mysteries. Firstly, barely minutes have passed since the Digidestined disappeared, and when Tai goes to his house, his little sister Kari recognises Koromon. Although they receive a transmission from Izzy pleading with them not to return to the Digital World, Tai realises he must go back to stop evil Digimon crossing a dimensional gate from the Digital World to enter Earth. Kari's part in the tale is not over however, as a new Digivice has appeared in the Kamiya household.

Arc 3 (episodes 22-39)

Tai returns to the Digital World to round up the DigiDestined, where he learns of another threat, Myotismon, who, through his minion Demidevimon, has scattered the Digidestined and caused some to become disillusioned, preventing them from working together and activating their Crests. Tai's return sparks the reunion of the Digidestined, with Matt, Sora and Izzy managing to have their partners digivolve to higher levels. Myotismon then decides to enter the Real World to capture a pre-destined eighth DigiDestined child. The DigiDestined follow Myotismon to their hometown, where they discover that all seven of them saw a fight between a Greymon and a bird-like Digimon at Highton View Terrace 4 years ago, the event that caused them to become Digidestined. They also deduce that the eighth child must have also been present, and start searching. However, Myotismon's henchmen are also searching, leading to several battles between the two sides. On the second day of the search, Gatomon, one of Myotismon most loyal servants, encounters Kari and is seemingly unable to attack the child. With the help of her old friend Wizardmon, she then realises that Kari is the eighth child, and she is her partner. The two Digimon find Kari's Digivice, which Wizardmon gives to Tai to protect Kari. They then attempt to retrieve her Crest, which Myotismon has in his possession. Myotismon then attacks the two, leaving Wizardmon for dead, and kidnapping Gatomon. Myotsimon then isolates the district using a fog barrier, and begins rounding up the citizens in a Convention Centre to have Gatomon identify the child. While Tai, Kari, Izzy and Matt and their Digimon all manage to evade capture, Joe and T.K. are trapped outside of the town when the fog hits, and Mimi, Palmon and Sora are captured. Tai entrusts Kari to Matt, and sets off to rescue the people from the Convention centre. Although Sora and Mimi lead an escape attempt which sees Palmon digivolve to Lilymon for the first time, Myotismon foils the plan, forcing Sora to escape with her savior Biyomon, along with the defeated Lilymon. While Izzy and Tentomon decide to try and destroy the TV station from which the fog barrier is being projected, Joe and T.K. are attacked while crossing the river, causing Gomamon to digivolve to Zudomon to save them. They then find Wizardmon, who now has Kari's Crest. Sora finds Matt and Kari, but an attack by Myotismon's forces causes Kari to hand herself over to end the fighting. As Tai rescues Mimi, Matt, Sora, Joe, T.K. and Wizardmon arrive at the TV station, where Myotismon has also appeared with Gatomon to kill Kari. A ferocious battle ensues, which only ends when Tai arrives with Kari's Digivice, and Wizardmon sacrifces himself to save Gatomon and Kari from a death blow from Myotismon. This causes Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon who then destroys Myotismon. However, a prophecy comes true, with Myotismon transforming into the colossal Vemonmyotismon. The Digivolution of Agumon and Gabumon into their Mega forms allows the Digidestined to destroy Vemonmyotismon. When the fog barrier finally lifts, the DigiDestined realize that the Digital World has grown worse since their departure, when it appears in the sky above their world.

Arc 4 (episodes 40-54)

Upon returning, the Dark Masters, four elite evil Digimon, reveal themselves to be the true culprits behind every enemy the DigiDestined had faced thus far, and have used their absence to transform the Digital World into four territories that make up Spiral Mountain. The Dark Masters almost destroy the Digidestined in their first fight, and it is only with the sacrifices of Chuumon and Piximon that they are saved. The Digidestined then fight the master of the oceans Metalseadramon, who kills their old ally Whamon, only to be destroyed seconds later by Wargreymon. The Digidestined begin to fight amongst themselves as they enter the forest, the domain of Puppetmon, causing Matt to leave the group. Puppetmon's ally Cherrymon manages to talk Matt into fighting Tai, but the fight stops when an unidentified creature contacts the children through Kari. The being shows them that they were chosen by higher powers that balance the Digital World to become Digidestined, when the battle at Highton View Terrace took place. Digimon, Digivices and Crests were created, and although the Dark Masters managed to steal and scatter the Crests, Gennai managed to save the Digimon, only losing Gatomon on the journey to File Island. Following these revelations, Matt decides to leave the group again to work out his place in it, and Mimi also chooses to part company, as she is sick of the fighting which has claimed many of their friends. With Joe resolving to protect Mimi, the rest of the group launch an attack on Puppetmon's mansion. Joe and Mimi do not find the peace they seek, as Etemon, having finally managed to reconstitute himself as Metaletemon, finds and attacks them. They evade him with the help of an injured Ogremon and Leomon, who has gained the ability to digivolve to Sabreleomon. Tai's group manages to defeat Puppetmon, and although he brings his mansion to life, he is destroyed when Matt and Metalgarurumon reappear briefly. Metaletemon attacks Joe and Mimi again, and Sabreleomon is forced to sacrifce himself to help Zudomon destroy him. The two children then set out to gather allies for the final battle, while Tai's group enter the city of Machinedramon. Tai confronts personal demons when Kari becomes ill on his watch, and the group are spilt apart when Machinedramon attacks them, sending them falling into the sewer. While, Sora, Kari and T.K rescue enslaved Numemon, Tai and Izzy find an old friend in the form of Andromon. Although the partner Digimon are exhausted, the Numemon's sacrifice to save Kari causes her to release a powerful light enabling Wargreymon to destroy Machinedramon in a single attack. The group then set off to the summit of Spiral Mountain to battle Piedmon, only for Tai to tell Sora and T.K. to reunite the rest of the group. Joe leaves Mimi to find Matt, and only discovers him after Matt has escaped from a cave created from his own inner darkness. The two then help T.K. rescue Sora from a similar cave, and arrive back at the top of Spiral Mountain, just in time to save Tai and Wargreymon. Although Metalgarurumon evens the odds, Piedmon converts them and most of the Digimon and children into key-chains. When only T.K., Kari and Patamon are left, T.K.'s Crest of hope activates, and the newly digivolved Magnaangemon uses his power to rescue the other children and destroy Piedmon, just as Mimi arrives with her own army to counter Piedmon's Vilemon. With the last Dark Master defeated, Spiral Mountain disintegrates and the true evil, Apocalymon reveals himself to be their final enemy. Although he destroys the Crests, and turns the Digidestined to data, the Digidestined use their inner power to help their Digimon digivolve to their highest levels. Apocalymon is defeated, with his final attack being contained by the Digivices, and the Digital World begins to rebuild, starting with File Island. The children return to the Real World, supposedly never to return, leaving their Digimon partners behind, although Tai asserts that he is sure the portal between the two worlds won't be shut forever.


The English version of Digimon Adventure was somewhat unique at the time it was dubbed. Most anime dubbed in the 1990s changed the names of characters and locales for the sake of localization. In Digimon, however, most names of the DigiDestined remained unchanged or were shortened to Americanized nicknames, and almost all name references to the locations in Japan visited during the series were retained. Some Digimon names were modified into English equivalents, and in rare cases to Japanese equivalents.

The eight DigiDestined children are listed first, followed by their Digimon partners.

Main characters

Character Voice actor Digimon Voice actor
Taichi "Tai" Kamiya
Yagami Taichi (八神 太一)
Joshua Seth (EN)
Toshiko Fujita (JP)
Agumon Tom Fahn (EN)
Chika Sakamoto (JP)
The adventurous leader of the DigiDestined and the older brother of Kari Kamiya. He is characterized as being stubborn and thick-headed, but also cheerful and brave.
Yamato "Matt" Ishida
Ishida Yamato (石田 ヤマト)
Michael Reisz (EN)
Yūto Kazama (JP)
Gabumon Kirk Thornton (EN)
Mayumi Yamaguchi (JP)
Though a caring person and a secondary leader to the group, he is often seen as the "lone wolf" of the group. He is the older brother of T.K. Takaishi.
Sora Takenouchi
Takenouchi Sora (武之内 空)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN)
Yuko Mizutani (JP)
Tifanie Christun (EN)
Katori Shigematsu (JP)
While somewhat a tomboy, Sora is a very reliable person and tries to take care of the other kids. Thus, her role is often to be a motherly figure for various characters.[2]
Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi
Izumi Kōshirō (泉 光子郎)
Mona Marshall (EN)
Umi Tenjin (JP)
Tentomon Jeff Nimoy (EN)
Takahiro Sakurai (JP)
A very intelligent and logical thinker, despite being amongst the youngest of the group. He is also a computer expert and constantly uses his laptop.
Mimi Tachikawa
Tachikawa Mimi (太刀川 ミミ)
Philece Sampler (EN)
Ai Maeda (JP)
Palmon Anna Garduno (EN)
Shihomi Mizuwaki (JP)
Although initially seen as being selfish, the "fashionista" of the group is loving, strong willed and greatly loyal to her friends.
Joe Kido
Kido Jō (城戸 丈)
Michael Lindsay (EN)
Masami Kikuchi (JP)
Gomamon R. Martin Klein (EN)
Junko Takeuchi (JP)
The oldest of the group. He is dependable and thoughtful, although he is always a worrywart. He tries to act as the voice of reason within the group.
Takeru "T.K." Takaishi
Takaishi Takeru (高石 タケル)
Wendee Lee (EN)
Hiroko Konishi (JP)
Patamon Laura Summer (EN)
Miwa Matsumoto (JP)
The youngest of the group and the younger brother of Matt. A bright child, he grows from being reliant on others to being as much of a fighter as they are.
Hikari "Kari" Kamiya
Yagami Hikari (八神 ヒカリ)
Lara Jill Miller (EN)
Kae Araki (JP)
Edie Mirman (EN)
Yuka Tokumitsu (JP)
Gentle but frail, Kari joins the group after the other DigiDestined and is the younger sister of Tai.


Episodes 8-13 Tom Wyner (EN)
Kaneto Shiozawa (JP)
The first villain the DigiDestined faced. Destroyed by Angemon. Resurfaces in Episodes 19-21 in Digimon Adventure 02, where the Digimon Emperor uses his remains to complete Kimeramon, and consequently he manipulates the latter's actions, unbeknownst to the DigiDestined (except possibly TK).
Episodes 15-20, 46-47 Richard Epcar (EN)
Yasunori Masutani (JP)
The second villain the DigiDestined faced. First destroyed by MetalGreymon, but later returned as MetalEtemon. Permanently destroyed by SaberLeomon and Zudomon.
Episodes 15-20 Michael Sorich (EN)
Masami Kikuchi (JP)
Etemon's henchmen that do their best to get rid of the DigiDestined and their Digimon for him. and the rest were sucked into the Dark Network.
Nanomon (ナノモン)
Episodes 19-20 Eddie Frierson (EN)
Hidenari Ugaki (JP)
A Digimon that wasn't a friend of Etemon. He was killed into the Dark Network after he took Etemon with him.
Vamdemon (ヴァンデモン)
Episodes 22-39 Richard Epcar (EN)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo (JP)
The third villain the DigiDestined faced. First destroyed by Angewomon, but returned as VenomMyotismon. Destroyed again by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Reppears in Digimon Adventure 02 as MaloMyotismon, destroyed for good by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.
PicoDevimon (ピコデビモン)
Episodes 22-38 Derek Stephen Prince (EN)
Kōki Miyata (JP)
Myotismon's flunky. Not as competent as Gatomon, but has the added benefit of not being a DigiDestined's partner Digimon. Orchestrated a series of traps and lies to prevent the DigiDestined from reuniting, and to bog them down in selfishness and despair, quashing their best qualities, and thereby preventing their crests from ever glowing. Though loyal to Myotismon to the bitter end, his master consumed him to gain the energy needed to evolve into his final form.
Fantomon (ファントモン)
Episodes 35-37 Dave Guerrie (EN)
Takahiro Sakurai (JP)
Myotismon's other flunky. Killed by Angemon when he attacked Myotismon with his Hand Of Fate attack.
Apokarimon (アポカリモン)
Episodes 53-54 Paul St. Peter (EN)
Chikao Ōtsuka (JP)
The villain that originally put the Digital World in danger. The creator of the Dark Masters and the one who gave the DigiDestined's three original enemies (Devimon, Etemon and Myotismon) their powers. Permanently destroyed by the combined efforts of WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon, Garudamon, MegaKabuterimon, Lillymon, Zudomon, MagnaAngemon and Angewomon.
Episodes 40-42 Doug Erholtz (EN)
Yuuto Kazama (JP)
The ruler of the Net Ocean, which consisted of large Ocean space with a few little islands. During the time the DigiDestined were fighting Myotismon in Tokyo, MetalSeadramon had taken to ruling over the Ocean portion of Spiral Mountain. Destroyed by WarGreymon.
Anomalocarimon (アノマロカリモン)
Episodes 41 Lex Lang (EN)
Takahiro Sakurai (JP)
MetalSeadramon's minion. Sent to Digital World by MetalSeadramon.
Hangyomon (ハンギョモン)
Episodes 42 Tom Fahn (EN)
Junko Takeuchi (JP)
MetalSeadramon's minion. Killed by Zudomon.
Pinocchimon (ピノッキモン)
Episodes 40, 43-47 David Lodge (EN)
Etsuko Kozakura (JP)
The smallest of the Dark Masters and the one who lasted longest fighting against the DigiDestined (five episodes, though this is partly because of other major enemies and events, such as the return of Etemon as MetalEtemon, and the group discovering why they were selected as the DigiDestined). Destroyed by MetalGarurumon.
Gerbemon (ガーベモン)
Episodes 44 Junko Takeuchi (EN)
Hiroaki Hirata (JP)
Puppetmon's minion. Killed by Lillymon, MetalGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
RedVagimon (ピノッキモン)
Episodes 47 Dan Lorge (EN)
Hiroaki Hirata (JP)
Puppetmon's minion. Killed by Puppetmon.
Mugendramon (ムゲンドラモン)
Episodes 40, 48-49 Dave Guerrie (EN)
Hisao Egawa (JP)
The ruler of the Digital City, which looked like a fusion of the prominent cities on Earth. He was the third Dark Master to attempt to destroy the Digidestined. Destroyed by WarGreymon.
Episodes 49 Dan Lorge (EN)
Hiroki Takahashi (JP)
Machinedramon's minion. Killed by Machinedramon after he failed him.
Piemon (ピエモン)
Episodes 40, 50-52 Derek Stephen Prince (EN)
Chikao Ōtsuka (JP)
The leader of the Dark Masters. Destroyed by MagnaAngemon with the help of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon.
Episodes 50 Melodee Spevack (EN)
Ai Nagano (JP)
One of Piedmon's Nightmare Soldiers. Killed by Angewomon.
Diablomon (ディアボロモン)
2nd Movie Paul St. Peter (EN)
Materialized inside the Internet. First appeared as Kuramon but later Digivolved into Tsumemon and Keramon. Digivolved into Infermon while fighting Greymon and Kabuterimon and defeated them before they had a chance to Digivolve. Digivolved into Diaboromon while fighting WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon; nearly defeated them but was destroyed when they DNA Digivolved (combined) into Omnimon for the first time.

Other Digital World characters

  • Gennai (13-54): An old man created from data who acts as a guide to the DigiDestined.
  • Andromon (5, 48-52, 54): An android-like Digimon that was freed in Episode 5 by Sora, Tai, and Joe, but attacked due to the presence of one of Devimon's Black Gears. Defeated and freed by Kabuterimon, he reappeared in Episodes 48 and 49 to hunt down and destroy Machinedramon, and stayed with them until the final battle with Piedmon, going so far as to hold him off while they attempted to escape all being turned into keychains and defeated. Once revived by MagnaAngemon, he participated in the final battle against Piedmon and the Vilemon swarm, and returned with their other allies to congratulate the Chosen Children on defeating Apocalymon.
  • Centarumon (Kentarumon) (10-14, 52-54): Guardian of an ancient temple on File Island, the place in the Digital World the children were first transported to. Returned to help the kids build a raft, and met Gennai at the Wall of Fire. He congratulated them on defeating Apocalymon, and went on to point out the eclipse and informs the children that it was time to say good-bye.
  • Leomon (8-14, 46-47): Protector of File Island. Constantly enslaved, freed and reenslaved by the Black Gears, until right before the final battle with Devimon. He surprised the partner Digimon when he attacked them with Ogremon, as his reputation was that of a just Digimon and was well-known to be Ogremon's mortal enemy. Presumably, it was he who organized the party of Digimon who built the Chosen Children a raft to travel to Server Continent. Was given the ability to Warp Digivolve into SaberLeomon after intense exposure to Tai, Matt, Mimi and Izzy's Digivices. He is killed by MetalEtemon, taking an attack intended to kill Mimi.
  • Ogremon (8-13, 46-54): Leomon's rival. Was the only Digimon willing to help Devimon not under the influence of the Black Gears, as he wished to finally defeat Leomon. After Devimon was destroyed, Leomon scared him off. He reappears in episode 46, wounded badly after a fight with Woodmon and the earthquake caused by MetalEtemon. Mimi and Joe tend his wounds, and he is incredibly touched that they would help him after he tried to kill them. He allies himself with Mimi and Joe after Leomon's death, realizing he was more than just a rival, and agrees to help the Chosen Children fight the Dark Masters. He is present for the final battle with Piedmon, and appears after the final battle with Apocalymon to thank and congratulate the children, but leaves after they take a commemorative photograph in Primary Village
  • Whamon [14-15, 41-42 (42-43 in the English Dub)]: The second to last Digimon with a Black Gear, encountered en route to Server Continent. Once the Gear is destroyed, he apologizes for destroying their raft and offers to ferry the Chosen Children to Server himself. Reappeared in episode 41 (42 in the dub version) to save and protect the children from MetalSeadramon, but is killed in the ensuing battle.
  • Piximon (Piccolomon) [18, 40 (and 41 in the English Dub)]: Well known in the Digital World as a trainer, Piximon takes on the Chosen Children, particularly Tai and Agumon. Returns in episode 40, sacrificing himself to the Dark Masters to ensure the escape and safety of the Chosen Children.
  • Wizardmon (Wizarmon) (30-37): Gatomon's old friend. She saved him from death, and told him she was looking for someone. Out of gratitude and affection, Wizardmon allied himself with Myotismon to keep an eye on Gatomon, and ultimately repaid her by solving the mystery of who she was waiting for and why. He briefly united her with Chosen Child partner, before they took on Myotismon together, in an effort to retrieve the Crest of Light. Ultimately, he died to protect Gatomon and Kari. He returns briefly on Earth during 02 as a ghost to warn Gatomon of danger ahead.


In 1999, a short film based on the virtual pets called Digimon Adventure was released. However, shortly after the film's storyboard was completed in 1998, producers at Toei Animation were requested to turn it into a television show as well.

The DigiDestined's character designs were created by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. The staff had decided to name the characters based on kanji that related to luck.[3]

For the original Japanese version of Digimon Adventure, all music was composed by Arisawa Takanori who was best known for his compositions for the Sailor Moon franchise and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.

When Saban acquired the US rights to the show, Wendee Lee, Michael Sorich, and David Walsh became the voice directors. The original soundtrack of the show was replaced by music composed by Udi Harpaz and Shuki Levy.

For the Saban dub, Shuki Levy recycled several music soundtracks from Starcom: The U.S. Space Force an 1980s cartoon produced by DIC Entertainment in addition to recycling some of the music from the Masked Rider TV series based on 1980s Tokusatsu Kamen Rider Black RX.



Digimon Adventure was produced by Toei Animation and ran for 54 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan between March 7, 1999 and March 26, 2000. Saban Entertainment licensed the series in North America and produced an English-language version which aired on Fox Kids between August 14, 1999 and June 24, 2000. The English version featured an original soundtrack and made changes to character names, as well as edits pertaining to certain aspects such as violence to make the series more suitable for younger audiences. The series was released on DVD by Twentieth Century Fox (Saban's parent company) in 2000 and by Buena Vista Home Entertainment in 2002. A complete DVD boxset of the English dub was released by New Video Group on October 9, 2012 in the U.S.[4] Digimon Adventure and it's sequel, Digimon Adventure 02, were added to the Netflix Instant Streaming service on August 3, 2013 in separate English dubbed and Japanese subtitled versions. The initial subtitles used were incomplete and contained many translation errors, and Toei has responded by gradually replacing the older subtitles with newer, more accurate tracks beginning the day of the initial series upload.

Theme songs

Opening theme
Ending themes
  • "I wish" by Ai Maeda
    • Episodes: 1-26
  • "keep on" by Ai Maeda
    • Episodes: 27-54
Insert song


Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー Dejimon Adobenchā?) is the first Digimon film. It was released in Japan on March 6, 1999, a day before the television series began airing in Japan. It was released in the United States on October 6, 2000 as the first part of Digimon: The Movie called Eight Years Ago.

This film acts like a pilot episode for Digimon Adventure. The first story focused on Tai and Kari Kamiya four years before their adventure in the Digital World. It shows their first encounter with Digimon and what happened to them (as well as the other children that saw it became the other DigiDestined) when they participated in their first Digimon battle after raising a quickly growing Botamon. In the story, that Digimon hatches from a Digi-egg and eventually digivolved into Greymon to fight a Parrotmon who appeared in the city. The movie was used in episodes of Digimon Adventure to explain why Tai and company became DigiDestined.

Our War Game!

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! (デジモンアドベンチャー ぼくらのウォーゲーム! Dejimon Adobenchā: Bokura no Wō Gēmu!?) is the second Digimon film. It was released in Japan on March 4, 2000. It was released in the United States on October 6, 2000 as the second part of Digimon: The Movie called Four Years Later.

The second story occurs a few months after the battle against Apocalymon. It shows many of the DigiDestined, but primarily focuses on Tai, Matt, Izzy, and T.K., as they end up saving the day when a computer virus Digimon raises havoc all over the world through the Internet. The kids must stop the evil Digimon quickly before he provokes the launching of a nuclear ICBM aimed at Japan (where the kids live). Tai and Matt end up getting so worried about their Digimon (in the form of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon) badly losing to the evil Digimon Diaboromon that they actually phase into the Internet and miraculously give them the power to destroy him in time. Both Digimon merge, evolving into the powerful Omnimon. However, Diaboromon is still too fast, until Izzy comes up with the idea to redirect e-mails that they are receiving from children watching the battle all over the world via the internet to slow Diaboromon down, allowing Omnimon to finish him off just before the missiles hit. In the end, the deactivated ICBM lands harmlessly in Tokyo Bay. Our War Game! appears to be inspired by the 1983 film, WarGames and inspiring its own director Mamoru Hosoda to make Summer Wars.

Digimon: The Movie

Digimon: The Movie is an English language movie released in North America by Fox Kids on October 6, 2000. The movie edits together both two Digimon Adventure movies, as well as the Digimon Adventure 02 movie, Digimon Hurricane Touchdown, editing some scenes and story details to form one story.

Digimon Adventure 3D: Digimon Grand Prix!

A stereoscopic 3D movie, Digimon Adventure 3D: Digimon Grand Prix! (デジモンアドベンチャー3D デジモングランプリ! Dejimon Adobenchā: Dejimon Guran Puri?), was shown at Harmony Land in Sanrio Puroland in July 2000. The movie was later screened at the 'Tobidasu 3D! Toei Animation Festival' on October 3, 2009 and was later included on a set of DVD works released on February 21, 2010.

Manga and comics

A manga adaptation illustrated by Yu Yuen Wong was published in five volumes. Tokyopop published the series in English. In North America, a comic adaptation of Digimon: Digital Monsters was published by Dark Horse Comics between May and November 2000. Digimon V-Tamer 01 is another manga about Taichi Yagami in a parallel universe.

Light novels

Hiro Masaki, one of the screenwriters of Digimon Adventure, co-wrote a novelization of Digimon Adventure with series director Hiroyuki Kakudou.[5] The light novels were separated into three parts.

Drama CDs

A series of mini-drama CDs were released throughout the run of Digimon Adventure and included supplementary audio dramas that did not influence the television show's plot. In addition to this, character image songs for the main DigiDestined were included. The first drama CD was released on November 5, 1999, followed by two more releases on December 3, 1999, and January 7, 2000.

A final drama CD, titled Digimon Adventure: Original Story: 2 and a Half Year Break was released in 2003.

Video games

Characters and Digimon from Adventure appear throughout many video games based on the franchise, such as Digimon Rumble Arena.

An RPG based on the original storyline of Adventure developed by Prope and published by Namco Bandai Games, also title Digimon Adventure, was released for the PlayStation Portable on January 17, 2013, part of the line-up of video games of the 15th anniversary celebration of the franchise.[6][7] The game covers the entire series as well as the second Japanese movie, Bokura no War Game, and sees the return of all the main voice actors.[8] The game also features original story elements and an unlockable dungeon mode featuring the protagonists of the other anime series in the franchise.[9]

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North American english staff

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