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Dziesma (English: Song) was Latvia's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The show was produced by Latvijas Televīzija. It replaced Latvia's long-running national selection Eirodziesma in 2013, but was cancelled in favour of Supernova in 2015, due to producing poor results for Latvia in Eurovision.


  • Winners 1
  • Seasons 2
    • Dziesma 2013 2.1
    • Dziesma 2014 2.2
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Year Song Artist Final Points Semi Points
2013 "Here We Go" PeR Did not qualify 17 13
2014 "Cake to Bake" Aarzemnieki 13 33


Dziesma 2013

Dziesma 2013

consisted of two semi-finals, a final, and a superfinal. Twelve artists competed in each semi-final and the top six qualified to the final through a combination of jury voting and votes from the viewers.[1][2] In the final, the top three artists moved on to the superfinal. The top three were decided by the same combination of jury voting and public voting. Marta Ritova, Samanta Tīna, and PeR all advanced to the superfinal. In the superfinal, PeR was declared the winner through public voting and jury voting.[3]

Superfinal – 16 February 2013
Draw Artist Song Jury[3] Viewers[3] Total Place
Jury Vote Points Televote Points
1 Marta Ritova "I Am Who I Am" 20 2 3318 3 5 3
2 PeR "Here We Go" 11 1 6289 1 2 1
3 Samanta Tīna "I Need A Hero" 23 3 6204 2 5 2

Dziesma 2014

Dziesma 2014

consisted of two semi-finals, a final, and a superfinal. Twelve artists competed in each semi-final, and the top six moved on to the final through a combination of jury voting, Internet voting, and SMS voting.[4][5] In the final, the top three songs qualified to the superfinal through the same voting process. Dons, Samanta Tīna, and Aarzemnieki all advanced to the superfinal. Aarzemnieki was then declared the winner.[6]

Superfinal – 22 February 2014
Draw Artist Song Jury[6] Internet[6] SMS[6] Televote Total Place
1 Dons "Pēdējā vēstule" 1 1551 3830 2 3 2
2 Samanta Tīna "Stay" 3 797 1979 3 6 3
3 Aarzemnieki "Cake To Bake" 2 1529 3949 1 3 1


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