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List of Prime Ministers of Haiti

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Title: List of Prime Ministers of Haiti  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Haiti, Government of Haiti, Gérard Latortue, Michaëlle Jean, Robert Malval, Marc Bazin, Martial Célestin, Jean-Jacques Honorat, Claudette Werleigh, Smarck Michel
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List of Prime Ministers of Haiti

Prime Minister of the
Republic of Haiti
Coat of Arms of Haiti
Laurent Lamothe

since 16 May 2012
Appointer Michel Martelly,
as President of Haiti
Inaugural holder Martial Célestin
Formation 9 February 1988

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti is the head of government of Haiti. The Haitian Prime Minister is appointed by the President and ratified by the National Assembly. He or she appoints the Ministers and Secretaries of State and goes before the National Assembly to obtain a vote of confidence for his declaration of general policy. The Prime Minister enforces the laws and, along with the President, is responsible for national defense.

List of Prime Ministers of Haiti (1988–present)

# Picture Prime Minister Took Office Left Office President
1 Martial Célestin 9 February 1988 20 June 1988 Leslie Manigat
Post abolished (20 June 1988 – 13 February 1991)
2 René Préval 13 February 1991 11 October 1991 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
3 Jean-Jacques Honorat 11 October 1991 19 June 1992 Joseph Nérette
4 Marc Bazin 19 June 1992 30 August 1993 Marc Bazin
5 Robert Malval 30 August 1993 8 November 1994 Émile Jonassaint
6 Smarck Michel 8 November 1994 7 November 1995 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
7 Claudette Werleigh 7 November 1995 27 February 1996 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
8 Rosny Smarth 27 February 1996 20 October 1997 René Préval
Vacant (21 October 1997-26 March 1999)
9 Jacques-Édouard Alexis (1st time) 26 March 1999 2 March 2001 René Préval
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
10 Jean Marie Chérestal 2 March 2001 15 March 2002 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
11 Yvon Neptune 15 March 2002 12 March 2004 Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Boniface Alexandre
12 Gérard Latortue 12 March 2004 9 June 2006 Boniface Alexandre
René Préval
9 Jacques-Édouard Alexis (2nd time) 9 June 2006 5 September 2008 René Préval
13 Michèle Pierre-Louis 5 September 2008 11 November 2009 René Préval
14 Jean-Max Bellerive 11 November 2009 18 October 2011 René Préval
Michel Martelly
15 Garry Conille 18 October 2011 16 May 2012 Michel Martelly
16 Laurent Lamothe 16 May 2012 Incumbent Michel Martelly

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