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Title: Mesaieed  
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Subject: Pakistanis in Qatar, Qatar Steel, BSI Steel, Freedom of religion in Qatar, Doha Metro
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Map of Qatar with Mesaieed highlighted
Map of Qatar with Mesaieed highlighted
Coordinates (Umm Sa'id):
Country  Qatar
Capital Umm Sa'id
 • Total 176 km2 (68 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 9,870
 • Density 56/km2 (150/sq mi)
Time zone East Africa Time (UTC+03)
ISO 3166 code QA

Mesaieed (Arabic: مسيعيد‎, also transliterated as Musay'id and Umm Sa'id) is a municipality in the State of Qatar, approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Doha. Its capital is also called Mesaieed.


Mesaieed is located approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Qatar's capital, Doha. To the east and south, Mesaieed borders the Persian Gulf. On land, to the north and west, Mesaieed borders Al Wakrah Municipality. It is a part of the area marked in red in the attached map. The population of Mesaieed is approximately 5,769.


Mesaieed was established in 1949 as a tanker terminal by Qatar Petroleum on a previously uninhabited site along the coast. It was the only deepwater port in Qatar for more than 20 years.[1] As a municipality it was created in 1997 and is not assigned an ISO 3166-2 code.

Industrial city

Qatar Petroleum office

Mesaieed is an industrial city and is managed by Mesaieed Industrial City, a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum. All the industry concentrated in the city constitutes the core of Qatar's industry.[2] The city houses the main plants and the family accommodations of the following companies:

Sports and tourism

Mesaieed desert

There is a beach and a resort south of Mesaieed. It has windy sand dunes - however, intense heat during portions of the year mean that, during the summer for example, it can be rare to observe the actual use of ATV entertainment provided nearby.

The desert played host to the Endurance competition in the 2006 Asian Games.

There are also some recreation centers in Mesaieed to cater for the company workers.

A 18000 seater stadium will be built for the World Cup 2022 2 km North of the settlement.

Mesaieed Hockey Club

The MHC was established in Oct 2011 by energetic players from various companies having Love for Hockey. Since then the club has achieved various positions in different tournaments organized by Qatar Hockey Federation (QHF).

Al Banush Club

It is owned by QAFCO, and is mainly used by the senior staff of QAFCO. It is the largest club in the city and has many facilities including a main hall, a football ground, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool and restaurants. The annual QAFCO flower and vegetable show is held here. A cricket field is located near the club.

Qapco Club

It is owned by QAPCO. It is one of the largest clubs in the city. Its facilities include: a football ground, basketball, tennis, badminton and table tennis facilities, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

QP Golf Club

It is owned by QP. It has a golf course and a swimming pool. The golf course is one of the oldest in Qatar, dating back to at least 1955.

Shopping and services

Mesaieed city has a shopping centre which houses a department store, an electronics store, optical stores, a Q-Tel centre, a branch of the Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), two ATMs, some offices and an ICT shop which also houses an internet café. The shopping centre was completed in 2004 and officially opened by the Minister of Energy and Chairman of Qatar Petroleum, Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah in March 2006.

Besides QIB, there are four other banks: Doha Bank, Qatar National Bank (QNB), Commercial Bank Qatar (CBQ) and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. (HSBC). HSBC is located inside a state-of-the-art post office (the second largest in Qatar).

Adjacent to the shopping centre is a large souq or market. There are all sorts of shops in it like textile shops, supermarkets, groceries, hair-cutting saloons, laundry shops, restaurants, cafés and ICT shops. Most notable, there is a Shoprite.


The following table shows the population of Mesaieed.[3][4]

Mesaieed Population
March 2004 March 1997 March 1986
12674 7640 6437
The following table shows the registered live births by nationality and sex for this municipality.[5][6] Place of births is based on home municipality of mother at birth.
Year Qatari Male Qatari Female Total Qatari Non Qatari Male Non Qatari Female Total Non Qatar Total Male Total Female Grand Total
2001 3 1 4 31 38 69 34 39 73
2002 2 0 2 32 18 50 34 18 52
2003 1 2 3 29 23 52 30 25 55
2004 1 3 4 48 55 103 49 58 107
2005 3 2 5 33 32 65 36 34 70
2006 2 3 5 31 39 70 33 42 75
2007 1 2 3 40 21 61 41 23 64


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