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Micah Garen

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Title: Micah Garen  
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Subject: Foreign hostages in Iraq, Barrington Hall (Berkeley, California), August 2004, Cornell University alumni, 1968 births
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Micah Garen

Micah Garen
Born 1968 (age 46–47)
Citizenship United States
Alma mater Cornell, Archaeology
Occupation Journalist,
documentary filmmaker
Notable work Identity and Exile: an American's struggle with Zionism
Call Me Ehsaan
Partner(s) Marie-Hélène Carleton
Parent(s) Alan Garen, Yale professor
Awards Golden Nymph award, 2014[1]
Gallery Photographica, prize-winning photograph[2]
Website .netfourcornersmedia

Micah Garen is an American journalist and documentary filmmaker who focuses on war zones in the Middle East.[3] He is notable for surviving a kidnapping ordeal in Iraq in 2004. He wrote a book about the kidnapping incident which included his confinement as well as the efforts of friends and relatives to secure his release; according to a report in Kirkus Reviews, the book was "extraordinarily compelling" and "gripping."[4] In addition, Garen is a prize-winning photographer.[2][5] He has written for Vanity Fair[6] and Newsweek[7] and other publications. His work with documentary filmmaker Matthew Cassel on the documentary Identity and Exile: an American's struggle with Zionism was awarded the top Golden Nymph prize at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in 2014.[1] He made a documentary describing the lives of four Egyptian women during the political upheavals in 2011.[8] With Marie-Hélène Carleton, Garen is working on the films entitled The Road to Nasiriyah and If.

Garen (third from left) answering questions from the audience, 2011.


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Kidnapping ordeal

Garen spent months in Iraq documenting the "systematic dismantling" of the nation's cultural and archaeological legacy, according to one report.[9][10] On August 13, 2004, while he was in a market taking photographs with a regular camera, Garen and his Iraqi translator, Amir Doushi, were kidnapped by Shia extremists[9] and they were held hostage in Nasiriya in southern Iraq.[9][11] On August 19, a video aired on al-Jazeera in which Garen appeared sitting on the floor in front of masked insurgents with weapons making demands for his release. The kidnapping story drew international media attention. During the captivity, there was a strong behind-the-scenes effort to encourage Iraqi authority figures to secure his release, partially by his partner, Marie-Helene Carleton, as well as people within Yale University, where Garen's father is a professor.[12] His captors eventually turned Garen and his translator over to representatives of Moqtada al-Sadr in Nasiriya, unharmed, on August 22, 2004.[13] He said he was very thankful to the cleric and his aides for their efforts at getting him released.[14] After being released, he said he wanted to stay in Iraq to continue with his documentary project.[15]


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