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Pandit Raghunath Murmu

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Title: Pandit Raghunath Murmu  
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Subject: List of inventors of writing systems
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Pandit Raghunath Murmu

Pandit Raghunath Murmu
Born (1905-05-05)5 May 1905
(Dahardih)Dandbose, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj, British India
Died 1 February 1982(1982-02-01) (aged 76)
Pen name Guru Gomke
Occupation Thinker, Poet, Writer, Dramatist
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Kherwal
Subjects Writer & Linguistic
Literary movement Creater of writing system Ol Chiki script
Notable work(s) "OL-CHEMED"(premier syllabus of Santali Language by OLCHIKI SCRIPT) PARSI-POHA ( Essential elements of OLCHIKI script to develpoed the Santali language)'Dare ge Dhon ( Health is wealth Drama)
Sido-Kanhu(Patriotic Drama of Freedom Fighter)
Bidu Chandan(Literary Drama of OLCHIKI script)
Kherwal Bir(Patriotic Drama of Ancient Kherwal Community )
"Hital"(Scripture of Evolution of Earth & Human being of Kherwals myth )
"Hor Serenj( Traditional Lacture Sereng= Traditional Literature song)"

"Elkha"(Math in Santali)
"Ronol"(santali Grammer)

Pandit Raghunath Murmu ( May 5, 1905, Dandbose, Odisha State, India – February 1, 1982) was the creator of the script known as Ol Chiki (OLCHIKI script, "Ol Cemet & Parsi Poha " are his premier book in, Olchiki , to educate the linguistic people about script,language for development of Santali Language, Literature & culture. The OLCHIKI SCRIPT (Santali alphabet) has both capital & small letter developed since 1925, during the time of retrieving of Indict OLCHIKI SCRIPT he has calculated the nature (Arrange the Day, Date, Week, Month, Year etc)in his calendar GODDET as per lunar clips and accepted unanimously by the Kherwal Community at All India Conference held at Bed-Kundri"(WB) in the month of Feb 1977 to get the Socio-Religious & Language Literature identity. As per the Calendar GODDET "MAGH" become the beginning month and the first day of Magh after lunar clips become the " SANTALI NEW YEAR" popularly known as (Magh-Mulugh)like other Modern Indian Linguistic Community.In his working over Santali Language & Literature it's aptly reflected the "principle of Identity of self rather than imitation" of traditional"Socio-Religion, Socio-Culture, language & Literature identity of Kherwal community of Ancient Bharat. It's also known that prior to developed the OLCHIKI SCRIPT by Raghunath Murmu another script known as MUJ-DANDHE was invented by Sadhu Ramchand Murmu of Kamarbandi sealdha and pondit Raghunath Murmu also used to visit over the region regularly and he has make out the Ashram near Dampara. So the relativity Pondit Murmu with Sadhu Ramchand Murmu about the script modern indict OLCHIKI is deeply rooted and their linkage can't be ruled out, as it's universal truth that without the " Mahapurush" calculation of Nature bind under the Calendar GODDET by Pondit Raghunath Murmu is impossible. However this inner concept of script,language & culture has reflected in his famous Literary Love story Drama popularly known as " BIDU-CHANDAN" which is yet to understood by common followers.In the said Drama how the two young lovers (BIDU=Boy & CHANDAN=Girl) started developed in loving each other & they use the sign & symbol of writing/expression on the rocks which was decipher by them for their understanding.Than ultimately at the end of the Drama they went to the Himalayan shrine in search of brother Kaleyan where they mate with "NAGA-BABA & NAGA-BUDHI" who were nothing but the NAGA SADHU's who blessed baby Chunu Murmu after nine days from his birth.In the year 1948-49 when he assume the intentionally keeping of "OL CHIKI script and Santali language" in the edge in a plan manner by the modern political thinkers and designated as "Algao-Bad" he has aware the political leader who were engaged in carry forwarded the the separate Political base for Kherwal Community. but when they failed & succumbed by the political diplomacy of the time as well as they(Political leader) failed to uphold the dignity of script, Language & culture of KHERWAL's Pandit Murmu has expressed his displeasure by means of a Jhika song compose in the year 1949, where he compare the "OL CHIKI PARSI" (script) with a lovely DOVE bird the same poem has been published in the last page of the " BIDU-CHANDAN" drama book as conclusion song(Jheeka) of the Drama. // The JHEEKA Song: " Dhiri Danag rey, Pasi Tala rey, Chara nel tedo Potam nalom nangona,// Chara Dom Jojoma, Pasi Tem toloh aa, Toloh Lagid dow Potam nalom naboh aa,// Daley Menah Tama, Senah Menah Tama, AAmagh Atrege Potam namdow Tanhen Mey,// Regenj Tetang Rehong, Situng Japud Rehong, Nalom Bhabnah Potam Aghan Ruwar aa,// Duh Nudao Jong Mey, Duh Napir Jong Mey, Namagh Kusi Rey Namdow Tahen Mey,//"

(The Natural & Secular Philosophy with Socialism of Kherwals Community is deeply rooted in this Literary drama books "BIDU & CHANDAN", which is not mere a Drama but a intense meaning is hidden inside the story) He also worked a lot for safeguarding the socio-culture, socio-religion & language-literature of Kherwals in the first quarter of twentieth century. In Socio-Culture & Socio-Religion side he has united the traditional customary heads Majhi-Pargana, Manki-Munda etc under his organization known as "Saonta Seched Lacture Semled" from Rairangpur Mayurbhanj and impart the basic Education by OLCHIKI Parsi and to observe the " Socio-Religious" occasion as per the "Calendar Goddet" to bring the uniformity with distinct identity like others religious community. In the eve of uprising of other modern Indians on the Basis of Socio, culture & linguistic similarity the Jharkhand state movement political leaders were proposed this language as "State Language" and conferred him as "GURU GOMKEY" knight by Jaipal Sing Munda in the Adibasi Mahasobha held at Baripoda in 1948 who has pioneered the separate political base for Jaher-Khond people @ Tribal of central India .

He was not the philosopher's nor a spiritual Guru of Kherwal which is evident from his premier book i.e. "OLCHEMED" where he wrote in the sky "IPIL=Star & ANGEL=Planet" are existed, but he has not written the name of Star & Planet,although he advocating the traditional religious identity as "Sarna Dhorom" for the nature worshiper people of central India. He wrote down the mythology of creation of universe, earth and human being in his famous book " HITAL"(HIT=Root & AL=Writing(Root knowledge) and Mantro chanting during different socio- religious occasions in his another small book known as BAKHEN. He also worked a lot for enriching the "Traditional Modern Santali language-literature" and wrote as many as 24 for books during his working periods out of which only 21 are able to published so far the information from the reliable sources.

Early life

He was born in a village, called (Dahardih) Dandbose, on 5 May 1905 in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, then part of British India during the period British Raj was full swing with Exploitation and suppression were common towards the Kherwal community having its HQ at Raigarh(Present Rairangpur). After the development of the OLCHIKI PARSI the Pondit Murmu has formed the literary team(The literary groups consist of****** later on they formed the Organization known as SAONTA=Society, SECHED=Education, LAKTURE=Literature, SEMMLED=Association) who were keeping the regular touch with SARDAR Podno Majhi a beloved Sardar of "'Mayurbhanj & Sarai-kela Raja" who can taken them to Mayurbhanj Raj-Darbar and they(Team of Pondit Murmu)will represent their grievances for getting the support of the Maharaja *****after getting the permission from Pratap Chandra Bhanjdeo (Maharaja of Mayurbhanj) for development of Santali Language & Literature by OLCHIKI Parsi in joy and happiness they display "'The Kherwal Veer" drama at Duarsini on the way of returning to Babonghaty. Than he was appointed as school teacher at "Badam Talia" near Rairangpur and he residing as a tenant in the house of "Sardar Podno Majhi" of Bhutli village . It's learnt from his parent and villagers Old man of Dahardih(Dandbose) that while his mothers were engage in washing the food plates at Dagh Arej(Washing Place)after dinner she feel the birth pain there and gave birth to the Baby Pondit Murmu at the same Place. On getting the news the new born baby was carried to home by his grand mother through the half wash food plate(Thali) it was the fool Moon of Baisakh month and some dazzling light was coming out from the baby Murmu, which surprising every body of their family. As per the traditional socials rituals of Kherwals his name was kept as CHUNU MURMU,but after nine days from his birth some of the NAGA Sadhu's were come down to village Dahardih from Naga-Land area under the leadership of one KAMRU-GURU and on early morning they sitting on the Pinda of their house. On seeing the half naked SADHU's all the villagers gathered in the house of Pondit Murmu and asked the reason of their coming to the village, when they reply that they R from present ASSAM-NAGALAND popularly known as KANYUR DISSOM aS per Kherwal mythology and they learnt through the super natural powers that one unique miracle baby has born in this village, whom they want to see for giving the divine blessing.After giving the divine blessing to baby Chunu Murmu all the NAGA-SADHU went back to their reign through PATUA Village which is about 25 KM from Dahardih where they sit in the Pinda of ATANG-DARAM Majhi(Atang Daram Majhi means= The Family who has Established the said Village) of the village namely KASU MURMU and take the water from his son whos name was also Chunu Murmu in return they blessed with two coins one Gold coin & Silver coin, than advised him not to sell these coin rather kept it in a safe custody it will bring you the prosperity in future. But after leaving the "Dahar-Dih" village by Naga Sadhu Baby Chunu Murmu started crying day and night without any stop, seeing the situation of the baby his father started consult with OJHAS Guru. Accordingly one OJHA GURU namely Raghu has suggested them that, the Baby has affected from "BONGA-ELANG" so long the baby name will not be changed his crying never stop than they set up another social rituals of re-naming of the baby Chunu Murmu and finally his name was changed from CHUNU Murmu to Raghu Murmu which is a name of the OJHA Guru. When he grown up and attended the lower primary school in his early age he think about the separate script for Kherwals and he questioned his father why we did not have separate script like others. This is the beginning thought/dreamed of pondit Murmu about the separate script for Kherwals community,

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