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Puragiri Kshatriya/Perike/Perika/Peraka/: The Puragiri Kshatriya Caste is a Social group found in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. This community is known as Perkiwar/Perki in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Perika comes under kshatriyas. Perika's are Agriculturists, Peasants, Warriors. The word Perike is said to be derived from Sanskrit word "Vyaparak", meaning traders.

Puragiri Kshatriya/Perike
Religions Hinduism

Origin and History

According to their mythology, when Parashurama commanded the slaughter of the Kshatriya race, they saved themselves from the avenging Brahmin by declaring that they were traders.

The economy of Puragiri Kshatriya is agriculture, business and contractors. Therefore, the main resource is land. More than 50 percent of Puragiri Khatriyas households have land ranging from 15 acres (0.061 km2) to 150 acres (0.61 km2). Some of them, however, have attained considerable wealth, and claim that they are the descendants of the Kshatriyas who ran away (Piriki a coward) from the persecution of Parasurama. Others say they are Kshatriyas who went into retirement, and made the hills (giri) their abode (puri) These Perike Kshatriyas are known as "Puragiri Kshatriya".

The Perikas are described, in the Vizagapatam Manual, as chiefly carrying on cultivation and trade, and some of them are said to hold a high position at 'The Presidency' (Madras) and in the Vizagapatam district.

The usual titles of the Perikes are Anna and Ayya, but some style themselves Rao, Raya or Rayadu,Varma Perika's do not have any connection with other castes.For example we have Perika Balija means not balija caste.Perika's are descendants of Kshatriyas.

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Zamindaris in the state of Andhra Pradesh

  • Ankapalli: Gode Clan Gode family is famous Zamindari family in the North East Coastal Andhra Pradesh
  • Sher Muhammadapuram: Sri Raja A.V. Jugga Rao Bahadur garu [2]
  • Kurada-Kondayyavalasa: C.V. Narasinga Rao [3]

While Kopparapu Kavulu the dawn of flourishing Telugu literature in the city could be traced to the days of Gode Samsthanam, the earliest of the organised literary bodies was the Kavitaa Samithi founded in 1926 by Rama Chandra Kavi Marepalli.

Notable Puragiri Kshatriya

  • Maharajah Sir Narayan Gajapathi Rao Goday: (December 1, 1828 - May 1903) was an Indian aristocrat and politician who served as a member of the Madras Legislative Council from 1868 to 1884.
  • Murahari Gode: was former Deputy Speaker of 6th Lok Sabha and Member of Lok Sabha, Parliament of India.
  • Jagga Rao Gode: He established Kodanda Ramalayam in Visakhapatnam in 1714.[2] His elder daughter Subhadrayamma was a famous poet.
  • Surya Prakasha Rao Gode: His widow established a Sanskrit School in Visakhapatnam in 1864.
  • Venkata Jagga Rao Gode: He has founded an Observatory in Visakhapatnam. Ankitam Venkata Narasinga Row, the founder of Mrs. A.V.N. College in Visakhapatnam married his only daughter Achayamma and inherited the entire estate of the father-in-law.
  • Subhadrayamma Madina: Telugu poet of 18th century.
  • Linganna Pujari: (died 1999, Mumbai) A social worker and political leader of the Congress party from Bombay. Elected a record 6 times continuously to the Bombay Municipal Corporation from the Kamathipura Segment (1946 to 1973). First time in the by-election of 1946 defeated as an independent Raja Hutheesing (Brother-in-law of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru). MLC(Maharastra 1972-1978). Founder of the Indira Congress (Bombay) in 1969 for which Mrs Indira Gandhi offered him Presidency of the Pradesh Congress which he declined because he preferred to strengthen the organization without holding post. He was chairman of various govt. and Mun bodies in Mumbai. Nagpada Junction in Mumbai named after him called Linganna Pujari Chowk.
  • Ram Krishna Angalwar : Deputy Mayour,Nagpur Municipal Corporation (1990–91) from Nagpur, Maharashtra.
  • Baba Rao Ambedwar : President Nanded Zilha Parishad and also Panchyayat Samiti sabhapati for biloli panchayat samiti from Nanded, Maharashtra.
  • Nanabhau Embadwar: Embadwar Nanabhau Narayanrao was a MLA (1980–85) of Digras Assembly Constituency in Yeotmal district in Maharashtra.[1]
  • Thimappa Beri / Thimmanna was the dubash (interpreter) and chief negotiator for Francis Day and Andrew Cogan, the agents of the British East India Company, and was instrumental in the purchase of Madras from the Nayak brothers. Also known as Thimmappa Chetti migrated in the early 17th century to Chennai from Palacole, near Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh. He established a Black Town outside the walls of the newly built Fort of Madras which later became Fort St George. His families were chief merchants of East India Company for several decades. Tnimmappa's brother Beri Venkatadri owned Gunidy Lodge, which is present Tamil Nadu Raj Bhavan.
  • K. Venkataswamy Naidu grand son of Beri Thimmappa. K. Venkataswamy Naidu (also spelled as Venkataswami Naidu) was an Indian lawyer and politician from the Tamil Nadu, belonging to Indian National Congress. He served as the Mayor of Madras in the late 1930s. During 1952-54, he was the Minister for Religious endowments and Registration of Madras State (in C. Rajagopalachari's cabinet).
  • Rama Swamy Naik Bandla is a descendant of Beri Chinna Venkatadri and He played prominent part in the history of South India.
  • Nageswara Rao Tulabandhula was MLA of Mangalagiri, Guntur Dist. during 1967-72. Born on 21-5-1917 and died on 8-5-1986.[2]
  • Lakshamaiah Chunchu was MLA of Luxettipet Assembly Constituency during 1978-83.[3]
  • A.V. Narasinga Row: is founder of Mrs. A.V.N. College, Vizag.
  • A.V. Bhanoji Row(1890-1978): Ankitham Venkata Bhanoji Rao was a member of Andhra Pradesh State Assembly between 1955-1972. Between 1930-1938, 1951-1958, 1960-1962, he was the Municipal Chairman of Visakhapatnam and he carried out his responsibilities and conducted programmes that were beneficial to the people.[4]
  • A. Indrani Jagga Row: Vice-Chairperson & Correspondent of Mrs. A.V.N. College, Vizag.
  • Bandi Pullaiah: Served as MLA during 1994-1999 from Mahabubabad, Warangal Dt. He is an honest and famous political leader from warangal.
  • Govardhan Gampa: MLA of Kamareddy, Nizamabad district AP. Represented TDP (Telugu Desam) during 1994-99 and 2009-11. Resigned for Telangana cause and re-elected in 2012 as TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) candidate.
  • Narayana Allam : Popular Journalist and Columnist. The chief editor of the Namasthe Telangana newspaper.
  • Sriram Bhadraiah: Ex MLA of Mahabubabad in Warangal district and famous political leader in Telangana region.
  • Venkateshwarlu Bodakunti: Representing TDP as MLC and former MP of Warangal in 1999–2004.
  • Ramchander Vuppala: Senior journalist and columnist and Warangal press club treasurer.
  • Prof. S. Satyanarayana: Assumed charge as 23rd Vice-Chancellor of Osmania University on 18.7.2011. Hails from Khammam district, studied at Nizam College, joined Osmania University in 1983 and became Professor in 1998. Prof. Satyanarayana served as the Registrar of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, prior to this he was Principal at Nizam College, Hyderabad.[5]
  • Dr. Ampasayya Naveen: Dr. `Ampasayya' Naveen is a Telugu novelist. He was a student at Osmania University, and his time there inspired his first novel, AMPASAYYA. His novel Kala Rekhalu won the Sahitya Academy Award.
  • Ambadi Ravinder: Deputy Mayor - Warangal Municipal Corporation.
  • Pujari Eeshwaraiah Patel -Landlord and Senior Political leader in Warangal district.

Yarramsettis Brothers

  • Somisetty laxminarayana - He has worked DCCB KHAMMAM as a Chief Manager
  • Rakesh Bekkam From Penimilla, Achampet and member of Bhagath youth assosiastion.


This article incorporates text taken verbatim from 'Castes and Tribes of Southern India by Edgar Thurson and [4].

  • The castes and tribes of H.E.H. the Nizam's dominions (1920) [5].
  • People of India: Maharashtra, Volume 1 (PERKI) [6].


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