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Extinction Event : Volume 1

By Day, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000150
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
File Size: 1.90 MB.
Reproduction Date: 15/3/2017

Title: Extinction Event : Volume 1  
Author: Day, John
Volume: Volume 1
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Action crime thriller
Collection: Authors Community
Subcollection: Adventure
Publication Date:
Publisher: John Day
Member Page: John Day

A chance encounter with Carla Day, tips Max Fortune into her world of romance, glamour, wealth, excitement and mortal danger. The girl's guardian and mastermind behind a secretive global empire, draws Max into his circle. Max and Carla, out think and fight cunning and ruthless adversaries who seek revenge. Mess with them at your peril!

Rescued on a mountain road in Italy by Max Fortune, Carla Day involves him in her life of excitement and danger. He becomes hooked on the wealth and glamor surrounding her guardian, known as the Duke, who controls a shadowy business empire. The manipulative Duke uses the steadying influence of Max to tame and protect the wayward girl. He employs Max & Carla on simple missions, as couriers and trouble-shooters for the business. The pair are trouble magnets and adrenalin junkies who face unexpected danger when things invariably turn nasty. A crashed aircraft, ancient artefact, and mercenaries in the African jungle, a tomb, and nuclear waste in Egypt, treasure from a shipwreck and a hijacked submarine are but a taste of what they encounter. Along the way, Max has to face heartbreak and Carla’s past comes back to haunt her. Finally, the world teeters on the brink of extinction because of a stupid mistake. Will life ever give them a break? The results of routine medical tests are kept from Max, he has cancer. His final mission is to investigate and report back if high level nuclear waste has been wilfully dumped. Max believes the mission is risky. His employer knows it is suicide so Max goes without Carla. Max looks into hell itself and faces a terrible choice, one that has implications for the planet, at any moment, for the next 10 thousand years.

Rubin made his detailed notes, relating them to sketch drawings of the tomb layout. The enormity of the discovery and countless questions flooding his mind made him tired and dizzy; his handwriting started off neat and legible, but was quickly becoming more distorted and peppered with crossings out. He now set up the torches to light the first wall and he fumbled with the tripod and camera, as he focused the first shot. The euphoria that had been gripping him was subsiding and he realized that he was drenched in sweat, breathing hard and his upper body ached. The cramp in his left arm, through holding the clipboard, had spread to his chest and back. The room seemed to darken noticeably; “the torch batteries are failing,” he thought, and stood upright to ease his pain with a stretch. As he stood over the camera and pressed the shutter button, he shut his eyes so he would not be blinded by the flash. His torch moved on the smooth floor, at that moment, and rolled around in an arc, lighting the back wall. The shadow of both the sarcophagus and Rubin, were projected on the wall in front of the camera, from the backlighting. The click of the shutter seemed loud in the silence of the tomb, but there was no flash and that startled Rubin as he opened his eyes. When he moved, the shadow on the wall in front of him moved. He saw the shadow of Nahep, sitting on the edge of his sarcophagus, behind him. The shadow of the head and body moved, its arms slightly away from its body, griping the edge of the stone. Rubin spun round, but there was nothing there. Petrified with fear he stood staring at the sarcophagus in the smothering cold silence. There was a sudden noise, stone grating against stone coming from the lid. It was a sound like the lid being raised, a micron at a time, a secretive, creeping up on you kind of sound. No longer breathing and with his eyes fixed on the sarcophagus, Rubin, slowly, imperceptibly, reached down for the torch on the floor. He swung the beam at the lid, making its sharp shadow leap up the wall, just as blackness closed in on him and the crushing pain in his chest added to his mounting terror. The lid dropped 5mm onto its seating with a terrifying thud. Driven by blind terror, Rubin turned and dived towards the small hole in the wall leading out of the tomb, into the tunnel. The coarse sandstone floor tore open the flesh on his hands and knees, but he felt nothing. Halfway through the hole, the decorative belt of his jacket snagged, holding him back like someone had grabbed it. With the superhuman strength of terror, he scrabbled free and ran headlong up the tunnel. The torchlight formed chasing, grabbing shadows, coming after him. Still running, he looked behind and drove the shadows back, with the waving beam. In an instant, a wall of agony, blinding light then black flashed through him, followed by oblivion---

Table of Contents
Contents Shit happened. 7 Max imagines the worst. 14 The tunnel. 17 No happy ending. 24 The Hideaway. 36 Max meets the Duke. 41 Night of passion. 49 The fight. 53 The man from Langley. 60 The visitor. 66 History and the future. 73 The Statuette. 81 The Ocean Raider. 89 The handover. 93 The encounter. 97 Deathbed request. 99 The bug. 102 The Zenobia. 104 Followed. 113 Lost in jungle. 116 Persons of interest. 127 The recovery man. 128 Manuel’s revenge. 129 A shocking discovery. 134 Spooked. 139 Unexpected visitors. 142 The mummy. 156 Return to the tomb. 168 Trapped in the tomb. 172 Empty the tomb. 175 Mistaken identity. 180 Amy’s romance. 183 An unwanted parent. 188 Destiny in a conversation. 197 Return the Statuette. 200 Arrival at Kempinski Hotel. 205 Setting the trap. 207 Philippe plays his hand. 208 The mineral survey. 216 Max visits his Son 218 University 219 Arrival in the Congo. 220 The Black Panther. 223 The attack. 229 Escape to the waterfall. 234 Trapped in the cavern. 241 Over the waterfall. 248 Escape to Kinshasa. 255 Project Oracle. 257 Matt makes his escape. 259 Revenge in America. 262 Cocaine on tap. 278 Gang fight. 280 Seriously wounded. 285 FBI become involved. 286 Swindler states his case. 289 Sam helps out. 292 FBI figures things out. 296 Gregor figures things out. 298 FBI closes in. 300 Wild sex. 305 FBI follows trail. 306 Gregor followed to Florida. 310 Trapped in the warehouse. 313 No way out. 315 Carla confesses to FBI. 320 Under attack. 323 The arms sale. 328 Trapped. 330 Escape from the warehouse. 332 Amy meets James. 338 I spy. 339 Paul Farr in hiding. 348 The Budapest meeting. 349 Split mission. 361 Max’s mission. 362 Carla’s Mission. 364 Aboard the US1. 366 Sabotage. 368 Hi-Jacked. 369 Carla and Teal. 370 Snooping. 372 Revelation. 376 The cavern. 380 The ultimatum. 386 Subterranean journey. 388 Earthquake. 393 Replace sensors. 397 Radiation and black terror. 406 Terror from the deep. 416 No way out. 421 The volcano mission. 427 Volcano of death. 429 Darrow calls for help. 431 Max sent to volcano. 434 Max glimpses hell. 436


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