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Bent Penny : Volume 1

By Day, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000154
Format Type: PDF (eBook)
File Size: 1.73 MB.
Reproduction Date: 15/3/2017

Title: Bent Penny : Volume 1  
Author: Day, John
Volume: Volume 1
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Action crime thriller
Collection: Authors Community
Subcollection: Adventure
Publication Date:
Publisher: John Day
Member Page: John Day

Events start with The Concrete Man, the gruesome murder of an unidentified man, on a building site. Meanwhile, D.S. Penny Britain takes a different case, the kidnapping of a high profile woman, triggered by the code word Pandora. Penny’s enquiries lead her into great danger as she uncovers the truth behind this woman’s disappearance, a mystery that rapidly unfolds in directions no one could imagine. As the body count climbs, Penny becomes the suspect in serial killings, known as the Finger Murders. As her troubles mount, events take yet another turn, as she connects the pieces of the puzzle. Her discovery leads to a race against time. Not only her life is at stake, but also those of many innocent people.

Synopsis of Bent Penny. A man is murdered, a nobody. (However, this man is a dead ringer for a terrorist. Several other pointless murders have taken place in the recent past for the sole purpose of obtaining genuine identities.) Another murder takes place, (this time the motive must be revenge. It is the first in the book of serial killings.) A phone call to a high-profile lawyer with the word Pandora, sends the glamorous lawyer rushing out of her office. The husband expects to find his wife (lawyer) at home for their anniversary. She has been kidnapped. But Why. D.S. Penny Britain is given the task of finding her. Penny believes the husband has murdered her, and along with routine interviews, sets a trap for the husband. Traffic cameras record the husband with his arm around a very young girl in a taxi cab. It seems to be the motive Penny needs to collar him. The husband breaks down and confesses all. He was taking the child for an abortion because her father had made her pregnant. It all checks out. Penny enlists the services of a criminal to break into the lawyer’s office and download information her partners won’t disclose. As the criminal hacker leaves the building, He and Penny are kidnapped. They are taken to a warehouse where mercenaries have the lawyer. They use Penny to lure the husband into a trap and kidnap him, so they can pressure the wife to tell them what they want to know. The location of her client Pandora. She tells the leader and they pick Pandora up. He is the only person who knows where a certain container is. He stole it for the electronic parts inside. The only way Pandora will say where it is, is if the mercenaries buy the cargo. All they want is the location for their client. They trick Pandora and go to the warehouse in Portsmouth where it is housed. They tell their client and the client sends men to seize the container. Intrigued about what the container holds, they open it and unload it, before the client’s men arrive. It only has the electronics inside and they have no great value. They repack the container just as the client’s men arrive. The men check the serial number and hack open a false end to the container, revealing several lead shielded tubular containers. A test on each shows they are highly radioactive. Meanwhile Penny escapes and everyone is saved. A fight develops between the mercenaries and the client’s men. All but the leader of the mercenaries are killed. The leader vows to avenge his mates deaths. Leader makes contact with Penny and gives her all the info he has. Penny tells her boss, but he does not believe her. Suddenly a string of killings and arson takes place silencing everyone who had contact with the men who took the lead containers. In desperation, Penny contacts MI5 and they take the case from her, leaving her excluded. She and the mercenary leader have their own plans and locate the head of the terrorist cell and steal his phone and a fortune in cash, by posing as 2 druggies looking for cash to buy their next fix. MI5 get the phone and catch the terrorists. Meanwhile, other revenge murders are taking place. Each one forms a tense scene in the book. Penny becomes the prime suspect, because of her private life style. It seems the serial killer has finally been caught, albeit he committed suicide. Penny sets out the facts and decides the dead man is their killer. Months later, A botched murder calls her and her bright D.C to the scene. At autopsy, it is discovered, the dead man’s finger has been removed. The signature clue left by the serial killer. Who made the mistake at the crime scene? A big argument follows laying blame. It is however a cunning ploy to lure Penny into the killer’s clutches. She is held prisoner and it now looks like she is behind the murders after all. Penny sees how it looks and has to escape and leave the country. The killer chases after her because she is using his escape route and has stolen all the money he stole to finance his life abroad. There is a decisive battle to the death, and the killer falls over board at the dock. He grabs her and it looks certain he will kill her this time, but she is saved by an undercover customs man investigating people trafficking. It looks like Penny will now be arrested by her own colleagues and spend the rest of her life in prison. The story ends at that point. Girl on a string, the next book in the series carries on from that scene.

As Baxter started to come round, he felt the sting of a needle in his neck muscle. Instantly, a rapidly flooding stream of burning agony began radiating out from the injection site. Ronnie tried to move, but he was paralysed. Speech was now impossible, and not even a scream could pass his lips to relieve the ever increasing torture. His mind was crystal clear though; whatever the poison was, it had been chosen to inflict unimaginable pain and yet allow full awareness. “I think you will be intrigued with this little cocktail of household chemicals. The Americans quite like it for their prisoners who would rather die than talk. To be fair, they tend to be less heavy handed than me, because they have no desire to kill their victim. “The particularly interesting detail about this compound is the size of the molecules; they don’t penetrate the blood brain barrier, so there’s absolutely no chance that you will become drowsy or unconscious. If you like pain, and I am sure you do, because you love inflicting it, you will have the best time of your life. And the wonderful thing is, you won’t miss a moment of it.”

Table of Contents
Contents Death of a nobody. July 2014 5 The case of the concrete man. 10 Rough justice. Tuesday 19th May 2015 13 Pandora. Friday 22nd May 2015 20 Honey I’m home. 22 Missing person case. 26 Trapped. Saturday 23rd May 2015 40 Halbrook. 41 Interview, Wyman. 45 Sams. 51 CCTV reviewed. Saturday 23rd May 2015 55 Terry Brown. Sunday 24rd May 2015 62 Penny updates Masters. Sunday 24th May 2015 67 Lily. Sunday 24th May 2015 71 Combine forces. Sunday 24th May 2015 74 The Press Conference. 76 Stalker. Sunday night 24th May 2016 84 Sharp, Davis & Martin Solicitors Monday 25th May 2015 89 The hacker. 93 Break-in. 102 Strike. 109 Prisoners. 111 The first clue. 114 Outsmarted. 117 The Client. 118 Graham Carter. 123 Steve plays a trick. 125 Steve’s dilemma. 129 Lies between truths. Tuesday 26th May 2015 133 The container. Monday 25th May 2015 140 The arrival. Tuesday 26th May 2015 145 Police inquiry. Tuesday 26th May 2015 150 Penny’s visitor. Tuesday 26th May 2015 157 It all comes out. Wednesday 27th May 2015 167 Penny plots with Steve. Wednesday 27th May 2015 178 ISIS strike. Wednesday 27th May 2015 181 The net closes. Thursday 28th May 2015 183 Mahmoud. Thursday 28th May 2015 191 Alone. 203 MI5 get a break. Thursday 28th May 2015 205 Penny returns. Thursday 28th May 2015 207 The man with 13 fingers. 29th May 2016 215 Penny reflects. 221 A turn of events. Saturday 30th May 2015 225 Pride before a fall. 29th June 2015 230 Sleight of hand. 30th June 2015 234 The psycho. 238 Bluff, day 7. 1st June 2015 252 Praise, day 6. 2nd June 2015 257 Diligence. Day 5. 3rd June 2015 259 Day 4. Adams visits. 4th June 2015 261 Day 3. A bad day. 5th June 2015 264 Day 2. The bomb. 6th June 2015 264 Day 1. No way out. 7th June 2015 268 Terminal. 275 Devil incarnate. 280


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