Love of Wisdom:  A Philosophy ExhibitWhen philosophy is read over time, it tells a story of a grand quest for wisdom.  Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Frederick Douglass, Viktor Frank, Wittgenstein, Simone de Beauvoir - trailblazing teachers who wanted to teach people to think.Logic and Ethics are important philosophical principles for evaluating information, given and received.  No man can think, argue, love or live without this organization of reasoning - its absence makes one passionless, and fully satisfied when present.  Some philosophers, like Socrates sacrificed for their belief that everyone should ask the question, "Why?" Other thinkers such as Viktor Frankl's philos was borne out of profound personal periods in their life.  However, for whatever reason, their teachings continue having a deep impact on society even after hundreds of years.  The great philosophers of history, and their teachings are preserved in the Education, Government, Philosophy, Economics, Science-Astronomy and many other topics.